Bhava Forever Training Program

A forever membership to our exclusive Bhava training program

We believe in the power of community.

Program Assets:

The Bhava Forever Training program is our way of serving the global community of people who feel called to explore the multidimensional realities of divine spirit through psychic intuition, channeling, mediumship, and energy healing.

  • Full access to our private online community 
  • 10% discount on future classes, trainings, and readings
  • Bi-weekly live Q&A sessions with a Bhava trainer
  • Bi-weekly practice calls with your peers and a Bhava trainer 
  • Opportunities to practice your intuitive and healing skills daily
  • Find a local Bhava community, or start one in your area

How to (forever) join:

Sign up for a small group class: $297
Join a Bhava trainer and 3 other participants for one of our class series covering the fundamentals of psychic mediumship and energy healing, and then participate in semi-private practice sessions. View class calendar.

Book a private training session: $199
Join a Bhava trainer one-on-one for a 90 minute session and learn the fundamentals of psychic mediumship and/or energy healing, and practice reading with your trainer. Book Ingrid or Rosalie 

Your Bhava Trainers

Ingrid Turner

Ingrid is the Founder of the Bhava Spiritual Mission. Her goal is to help people tap in directly with the infinite through their own intuitive, channeling, and energetic abilities. She is a psychic, spiritual medium, and spiritual guide, assisting people on their spiritual journeys.

As a spiritual medium, Ingrid uses the modalities of psychic intuition and mediumship to express the Divine. She is honored to bridge that gap between the worlds, and strives to move out of the way, so you can heal and grow through connection with spirit.

An author, mama, and medium, Ingrid lives in Northern California and offers trainings, healings, and private readings in person and via technology, including Zoom, Facebook, and telephone.Schedule Appointment

Ingrid Turner

Rosalie Brown

Rosalie is a clairvoyant and medium. She is also an ordained Bhava Minister, walking beside you on your path.

As an intuitive reader, Rosalie is passionate about helping you master your skills, step into your power, and embrace the best version of you. Her unique ability to read energy allows Rosalie to shine light in places often yet unseen.

Rosalie is also an author and mama, and most recently helped Ingrid to launch the Bhava Publishing division, putting her passion for coaching people to practice, through this exciting business model.  A recent transplant to the midwest, thanks to technology, Rosalie is able to offer trainings and readings in person and over the internet.

Schedule Appointment

Rosalie Brown