Classes at The Mission

All classes are taught remotely by zoom video unless otherwise specified.

Lifetime access to our Bhava Training Program is included with every class!

Introduction to Channeling

This class offers you a deep introduction to channeling spirit and healing energy. We cover the fundamentals of intuition, channeling, energy healing, and give you semi-private practice sessions with your instructor. You’ll leave this class with a solid understanding of how you uniquely connect with spirit, having successfully done readings and healings with your fellow students.

November Class Dates: Tues & Thurs, Nov 6th – 29th & Nov 29th @ 6pm PST.
Course length (hours): 8
Max students: 4
Price: $297

Bhava Instructor, Rosalie Brown

Rosalie BrownRosalie is a minister at the Bhava Spiritual Mission, a gifted channel, and passionate teacher of Spirit. Rosalie’s background in marketing and tech gives her a practical edge to her spiritual instruction.

The Healing Power of Feminine Anger

Anger is the energy of untapped healing for women around self worth, confidence, and intimacy in relationships. It’s about meeting emotional needs, healing boundaries, and ultimately, deep forgiveness.  This 4-week class will take you through the dimensions of how anger shows up for you, and how to flip that energy to create deep and lasting change in your life and relationships. You’ll leave this class with real freedom from shame and guilt as a result of life-long conditioning around intimacy and authentic communication with others. Class features group channeling sessions and instruction.

Class Dates: Saturdays Nov 3rd – 24th @ 10am PST
Course length (hours): 4
Max students: 6
Price: $195

Bhava Instructor, Lou Martin

Lou Martin MediumLou is a minster of the Bhava Mission and has been working as a channel for divine spirit for more than twenty years. Lou is passionate about connecting with and healing the divine feminine in physical and energetic form. He is also co-instructor at the Bhava Ministry.

Spotlight Class: Beginning Tarot

This class guides you through all 78 Tarot cards using the Rider Waite deck.  This class is perfect if you are a complete beginner to the Tarot, or you if you are familiar with the cards but you want a deeper intuitive understanding of this popular divination tool. This class will familiarize you with the traditional meanings for each Tarot card, and help you intuitively connect with lots of practice time with your instructor and fellow students.

November Class Dates: Mondays, Nov 12th-12th, Dec 3rd – 14th @ 6pm PST
Course length (hours): 6
Max students: 10
Price: $297
Register by NOV 1ST, join for for $197
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Guest Instructor, Lisa Greenfield

Lisa has two decades of experience with Tarot, astrology, and hand analysis. She is a reader to the Hollywood stars, sharing her divine gifts with big name actors, producer, and execs. Her background in business gives real world applications to her clients with these intuitive tools. Learn more about Lisa at