Become a Bhava Minister

An important arm of the Brava Spiritual Mission is our ministry.  This is a program that takes you through Spiritual Mediumship, ethics, business skills, and provides a framework for practice and attainment.  At the end of the program, students are ordained as Bhava Ministers, and encouraged to build their service-oriented spiritual business and create community.

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Meet the Ministers

Lou Martin (Ireland)

Lou Martin MediumI had three life-changing events which got me on this Spiritual Journey. The first was by sitting with Krishnamurti when I was 16 years old. His presence, (and later his books) were profound and told me there was much more to life than what I’d seen. Secondly, when I was 18, my Father was murdered, which although terrible at the time, his death opened me up to a lot of soul-searching and willingness to connect with Spirit to heal my grief.

Thirdly, I had what the Yogi’s call-a spontaneous Kundalini Awakening during meditation before I turned 30, which showed me that what I’d been dreaming about- living my life as spiritual adventure-was now possible as Spirit is Real!

Ingrid Turner (USA, California)

ingrid turner mediumI help you live in partnership with Spirit. I’m a psychic, spiritual medium, and spiritual guide. I am also the Founder of the Bhava Spiritual Mission. I started the Bhava Spiritual Mission to help people connect directly to the infinite, and learn how to be their own delicious flavor of Spiritual Medium.

As a spiritual medium myself, I use the modalities of psychic and mediumship to express the divine.  It is my deepest honor to facilitate communication between you and divine spirit. I am able to bridge that gap between the worlds, and I am here to get the hell out of the way so you can heal and grow through connection with divine source.