Supporting the Next Wave of Spiritual Leaders


The Mission educates and empowers you in your connection to divine spirit. We’re expanding the consciousness of our planet through a fantastic, spiritual grass roots initiative.


We have intentionally manifested a dynamic & diverse community of empowered spiritual leaders living in partnership with spirit. Together, we experience incredible spiritual expansion.


Our world is structured around resources, and Spirit has shared the good news that there is enough for everyone. We'll help you to align with that abundance, so you can focus on expansion.

Our Core Beliefs

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Education brings empowerment. Community brings us home. Abundance brings joy. We are deeply committed to the spiritual expansion of the individual and the globe, and we believe psychic intuition, channeling, mediumship, and energy healing are powerful vehicles for this expansion.

  • We embrace humanity’s innate psychic, intuitive, and channeling abilities as a direct connection to the divine, and as a vehicle to spiritual awakening
  • We use many terms for the divine interchangeably – God, Spirit, Universe, Source, etc.
  • We embrace the dogma of no dogma.  Hold on to what resonates deeply with you.  Disregard the rest.
  • There is no competition: each human is a unique and special channel for Spirit, and we are all needed to receive and spread the message.
  • All are welcome. All.

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