About Us

This is a destination for believers in the divine dimension of spirits, the afterlife, mediumship, channeling, psychic intuition, and energy healing. We use our intuitive gifts as a vehicle to express the divine, and we are committed to serving the planet as ambassadors of divine love.

We help people connect to divine spirit through our various education programs, create community both online and offline, and we help you connect with your thriving abundance vibration.

All are welcome hereDive deeper into this faith with the Tenets of Bhava.

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We have many ways to connect for different comfort levels. 

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All are welcome in our community. We have a niche for you, but if you’re not sure where you fit, go ahead and send us a message.

The Mission's Founder

Ingrid started the Bhava Spiritual Mission on the persistent advice of her Spirit guide, Monz. She was directed to start the Mission and create a ministry because she was, so Monz said, to teach people how to do what she did, and “protect them”.

Ingrid weaved together her woo world of channeling, mediumship, and spiritual teaching, and her practical background in marketing and technology, and created a year-long program that teaches people how to find their own spiritual gifts, and create a business around those gifts – creating a life lived in partnership with spirit.

To date, the Mission has expanded to include a training program, a thriving community, online and offline, and a publishing arm. Ingrid is passionate about her work at the mission, and though she occupies many roles, she is, at core, simply a channel for divine spirit. Her job, like all of the Bhava Ministers, is to move out of the way and allow Spirit to move through her unobstructed.