The Bhava Ministry Takes You From Woo to Win

Build your spectacular spiritual life with practical business implementation – and protection with spiritual ordination.

Now taking applications for our beta program!

We are a registered church dedicated to helping you connect to the divine dimension of spirits, the afterlife, mediumship, channeling, and psychic intuition.

We are committed to the continued improvement of our connection to divine spirit, our communication of spirit’s message, and passing along the teachings of spiritual mediumship.

Join us: cause, community, leadership.

Our Core Beliefs

  • We embrace humanity’s innate psychic, intuitive, and channeling abilities as a direct connection to the divine, and as a vehicle to spiritual awakening and enlightenment.
  • We use many terms for the divine interchangeably – God, Spirit, Universe, Source, etc.
  • We embrace the dogma of no dogma.  Hold on to what resonates deeply with you.  Disregard the rest.
  • There is no competition: each human is a unique and special channel for Spirit, and we are all needed to receive and spread the message.
  • All are welcome. All.
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Meet Ingrid, the Mission's Founder

The Mission was founded by Ingrid Turner, author and spiritual medium. Through her work, she came to understand that all humans have innate abilities to connect to sources beyond the physical world.

Reaching further behind the veil, she herself connected with a creator consciousness that blew apart her perceptions, dogmatic beliefs, and limiting thoughts.

Ingrid’s passion for psychic intuition and mediumship, her decade of experience in marketing and technology, and her fierce dedication to unveiling the spiritual aspects of her work led her to create the Bhava Spiritual Mission as the framework for teaching you how to tap deeper in to your own divine connection, share your unique message, build community around that message, and create a protected spiritual lifestyle that supports every aspect of your life.

This is the Bhava Ministry

A spiritual school that helps you enhance your connection to spirit and build a business with it.

This program is a mixture of group sessions and powerful, Spirit-led one-on-one work with Ingrid. This 12-month program takes you into the woo, and shows you practical business and lifestyle applications.

You can’t do a thing with your divine gifts unless your feet are firmly on the ground.

During one-on-one time, Ingrid opens as a channel for you, and brings through divine beings, energies, and messages to help you on your individual journey.

Group sessions cover a lot, too – from mysticism to practical business implementation.

The Mystical

  • Ritual and sacred space
  • Intuition development
  • Energy work
  • Law of Attraction
  • Mindset
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The Practical

  • Business structures
  • Taxes and accounting
  • Community building
  • Marketing and promotion
  • Website management
  • Business masterminding

You’ll have lots of opportunity to practice what you learned during your hours.

Hours are a mixture of supervised and unsupervised intuitive readings, where you get to practice tuning in to divine consciousness through your gifts of psychic intuition, mediumship, and channeling.

Some things to know

We are selective.

We take only 8 students per program.

Comprehensive class materials included.

Financing available for qualified applicants.