Welcome to the Bhava Ministry!

Welcome to the Bhava Ministry Portal, beauty! You should be able to find everything you need here, and if you can’t find something, let Ingrid know.

To the right you’ll find a list of helpful links, including who to contact for support if you get hopelessly lost (I don’t think you will though, we cover an awful lot of bases, but we can cover more if need be).

Below, you’ll find the schedules for our Ministry program, and for our Training program.¬† The training is included in the ministry, but the calendars are separated because we also have a certification-only program that does not have access to your ministry sessions. Details below.

Below that, you’ll find a wealth of video and audio resources that we are always adding to. Watch and listen at your pleasure, but the more you dive in, the more meaningful your ministry journey will be.

Be sure to dive in, interact, and join as many classes as you are able to, so you can get the most support, inspiration, and guidance possible out of this program.

Helpful Links

Bhava Training Classes

Bhava Ministry Classes

Training Classes Descriptions

This is our class calendar for your psychic mediumship, channeling, and energy healing classes and practice sessions. These sessions are available to members of all programs, so you’ll get to work with a lot of different people! Again, all classes are held over Zoom video.

Training sessions include:

Monday Lesson Calls

Ingrid or one of the Leadership ministers enrolled in the Bhava Teacher Training Program will lead a lesson call each Monday. We cover fundamental topics such as learning your strongest psychic ability, the basics of channeling, mediumship vs channeling, meeting your spirit guide, overview of the chakras, and more.

Tuesday One-on-One Reading Practice

These practice sessions help you hone your skills reading for one person. You are given a private virtual room with a partner to practice with, and then you’ll give¬† and receive feedback in a group.

Wednesday Energy Healing Lessons and Practice

Bhava Minister Mary Rogers teaches this 8-week rotation where she goes through the tenets of energy healing and then gives you ample opportunity to practice with each other.

Thursday Mediumship Development

Your opportunity to focus on mediumship in a circle setting. We each tune in and invite specifically our loved ones and ancestors to make an appearance, and then get to work of making a stronger connection.

Friday Group Reading Practice

Practice reading for a group. This is a very different energy that one-on-one work, and gives you an opportunity to learn how to manage lots of energies and lots of energetic input.

Ministry Sessions Descriptions

These are sessions exclusively for our Bhava Ministers community. We meet over Zoom video. The zoom links are listed in the event description on the calendar. Just click the title, and you’ll see the Zoom link. If you have never used Zoom, the first time you use the link you’ll be prompted to download Zoom, which is free.

Sessions included in your ministry:

Soulmatic Renewal Support Sessions

A leadership minister rotates leading these sessions every Monday. The times vary in order to accommodate different time zones. These are your support lifeline when you’re going through a challenging time, and your opportunity to be of service to other community members who are going through a tough time. We look forward to seeing your face and diving deep with our Soulmatic Renewal work.

All-Ministers Meetups

This is a fun social hour offered once a month. A great time to connect with your fellow ministers on the other side of the country, or the world!

Bhava Mastermind Sessions

As you move along your ministry and become more and clear about your gifts and what you want to offer, you’ll be encouraged to start working on projects to bring your light into the world. These meetings are invaluable in that process. This is your opportunity to share what you’re working on and get incredible feedback from your peers and teacher – both practical and intuitive. If you’re not currently working on a project, this is still an incredible think-tank to be a part of. Your advice will be deeply valued, and the experience will undoubtedly get the wheels turning for your own future projects!

Twice Monthly Ministry Discussions

Twice a month, we get as many ministers as we can together for lively, in-depth discussion on spiritual topics, such as the spiritual significance of depression, the role of the ego in spiritual work, ethics in spiritual work, and much more. Times will vary to accommodate different times zones. These are the only Ministry meetings we will record and post on this portal for you to review later if you could not attend live.

Monthly Bhava Org Meetings

You’re invited to join our board at our monthly org meetings and get in on whats coming up, share your input, feedback, and critique. We look forward to your comments!

NEW! 4-Week Intensives

Each month we will have a new topic to dive into together for 4 weeks. Stay connected to the WhatsApp group for more information. This is included in your ministry, but pre-signups will be required, as will your committed participation.

Video and Audio Resources


Psychic Mediumship Intensive

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Vedic Astrology Intensive - coming soon

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How do we process downloads?

How do we process downloads?


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Healing Energy Meditation

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