Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Claircognizance

If you’ve delved even superficially into the woo, you’re probably got a basic familiarity with the four main “clairs” that we psychics use to describe how we receive intuitive information. I want to give you a little more detail here on just the main four (there are many others ways we all receive information), and help you determine which of these is strongest for you.

I will start by saying that every human has intuitive skills. Like any other skill, some people are born with stronger talents than others, but with practice and awareness, we can all get there.

Let me start by asking you a some questions.

Do you dream in color? You are clairvoyant. You receive messages through your imagination.

Do you have a hard time in large crowds? Do you get tired easily, or even feel ill? You are clairsentient. You receive messages in your body.

Do you notice that some of your thoughts seem foreign to you? Instead of “I” thoughts, you think “you” thoughts? You are clairaudient. You hear spirit.

Do you sometimes just know things about people or situations, and you can’t think how you know it? You are claircognizant. You get the message from seemingly nowhere.

Most people are strong in one or two areas, and the trick is to identify in which of those areas your natural talent lies. It’s surprisingly easy to miss our gifts – because it’s natural to us! A strongly clairvoyant person has had images running through their head all their life, and now they don’t even notice them anymore.

Clairvoyant people receive messages through their imagination. You see faces, symbols, events, people, and more in your mind’s eye.

Clairsentient people (also known as empathic people) receive messages from emotions and energy. You literally feel other people’s emotions, and sense subtle energetic changes.

Clairaudient people hear messages. You may hear voices, or notice that spirit rides your thought stream, resulting in foreign thoughts.

Claircognizant people simply know things without evidence. You can’t trace where you got the information, you just seem to know things about people and situations.

Again, you’ll likely be strongest in one of two of these areas, and that is the hook you use to most reliably access your intuition. As you progress, you’ll develop your other senses too.

Let’s find out which is strongest for you
I learned this great meditation from a mediumship class I took some time ago:

Start in a meditation position. Either cross legged, in a chair, or even lying down is fine.

Take three deep breaths. Breathe in slowly through your nose, filling your abdomen first with air. Then out through your mouth, pressing the air out of your abdomen, and squeezing it out of your lungs.

Three breaths help us line up our own spirit with Divine Spirit, clearing the path a little for communication.

Now, I want to you to visualize energy emanating from your head. Let the energy out into the room, and see how far it goes. Notice if it connects with anybody, or anything. Notice any images or sensations, or colors.

Next, feel the energy start to pulsate out of your throat. Again, see how far the energy travels. Notice anything associated with that energy.

Now, feel the energy move out of your heart. Again, notice.

And finally, feel the energy emerge from your abdomen. How far does it go? What do you feel?

The results:

If you had a lot of activity in your head, you’re clairvoyant.

If you had a lot of activity in your throat, you’re clairaudient.

If you had a lot of activity in your heart, you’re clairsentient, or empathic.

If you had a lot of activity in your abdomen, you’re claircognizant.