Classes at The Mission

All classes are taught remotely by zoom video unless otherwise specified.

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Introduction to Channeling and Healing Energy

This class offers you a deep introduction to channeling spirit and healing energy. We cover the fundamentals of intuition, channeling, energy healing, and give you semi-private practice sessions. You’ll leave this class with a solid understanding of how you uniquely connect with spirit, having successfully done readings and healings with your fellow students.

January Class Dates: Mondays the 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th.
Course length (hours): 8
Price: $297
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Bhava Instructor, Ingrid Turner

Ingrid TurnerIngrid is the founder of the Bhava Mission, a spiritual channel, psychic medium, teacher, and author. Her practical approach to channeling spirit gives her students and down-to-earth experience of the process, and helps them anchor their unique approach and truly trust themselves.

The Gift of Addiction

Addiction is the trap of the human experience until you discover the spiritual gift in your addiction. All addiction is a spiritual hunger; it’s the God-shaped hole at the center of every human heart. Addiction is a Crisis it demands honesty and responsibility to face our fears and find our faith. Lou has 30 years of sobriety which has aligned with his 32-year spiritual journey of awakening, healing and growth through love and connection to spirit. You’ll leave this class with a rich, spiritual understanding of your experience, and tools to move you through the trauma and into the light of divine spirit. Sober or not, join this course if you’re ready to set foot on the path to true healing.

January Class Dates: Saturdays, 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th @ 10am PST
Course length (hours): 4
Price: $150


Bhava Instructor, Lou Martin

Lou Martin MediumLou is a minster of the Bhava Mission and has been working as a channel for divine spirit for more than twenty years. Lou is passionate about connecting with and healing the divine feminine in physical and energetic form. He is also co-instructor at the Bhava Ministry.