Welcome to the Bhava Community! 2020 Enrollment Begins January 1st!

Welcome, dear friend, to our community. Our community goals at the Bhava Spiritual Mission are to help you find your spiritual gifts, heal all the energetic, emotional, and mental blocks that are preventing you from fully exploiting those gifts, and teach you how to bring your light out into the world. We’re in the business of changing the world, and we do that by supporting one spiritual leader at a time.

My name is Ingrid Turner. I founded the Bhava Spiritual Mission in 2017, launched our ministry in 2018, and we have expanded to two dozen ministers and foundation affiliates from all over the world. My goal has always been to help people find their power, fall in love with themselves once again, and from there, expand into their highest expression. I have never seen a community come together to do that for so many people so fearlessly, creatively, and with such non-judgment and unconditional love as the Bhava Mission.

We specialize in hands on, practice-focused training and healing – less theory, more doing. It’s about finding your gifts, not learning about mine or anyone else’s. Our teachers are experienced and committed to helping you expand in ways you never thought possible.

If you’re reading this and your body is reacting with a yes! I encourage you to set up an interview for the ministry and see where you fit in our blossoming community.

Ways to Learn, Heal, and Connect with Us

Our programs are online, accessible to anyone from anywhere in the world.

Our Ministry Program

Our Ministry includes training in psychic mediumship, energy healing, and channeling, plus support groups for emotional and energetic healing, monthly deep-dive intensives, teacher training program, and one-on-one support.

  • 9 or 18-month program resulting legal ordination
  • Support groups for deep healing
  • Monthly deep-dive intensives
  • Training in Psychic mediumship
  • Training in channeling spirit
  • Training in energy healing
  • Business masterminds
  • Community focus
  • Non-dogmatic, non-judgmental – all are welcome

Yvonne Marie

Lydia Mayberry

Rebecca Berggren

Experiences with our Ministry

This is an amazing ministry with an amazing group of people. There is training, guidance, deep healing, practice, development in energy healing & intuitive gifts (yes, we all have them in varying degrees), practical applications – business growth and assistance. It is so transformative and life changing. I can’t even express the massive changes that have happened in my life since saying yes!

And Ingrid Turner is just amazing. She is full of love, compassion, and an embodiment of Great Spirit. She is also firm and calls you on your stuff. Self-sabotage & negative self-talk are reframed and reinserted with love and Self-compassion. There is no scarcity living here and as a dynamic leader, she has shown me a new way of being and I now see magic and wonder unfolding everywhere.

When I began this program, I knew I was intuitive. I knew I was clairaudient and clairvoyant. And now – so many other amazing gifts have opened: clairsentience, clairempathy, deep channeling, psychic mediumship, and claircognizance have all been stepping forward.

I highly, highly recommend this program. Commit and invest in yourself. You are worthy and you are worth it!
~ Mary G.

Spiritual support, wisdom, and a shoulder to walk beside. 
~ Linda L.

This program has changed my life in so many ways. My future has become my own and I am making it what I want it to be! Love you Ingrid and all the ministry!
~ Celeste B.

From the age of 3 I could communicate with Spirit through visits by angels, past loved ones and whole lot of other experiences I could not even begin to explain.

I was introduced to the lovely Ingrid Turner a few years ago. After a year or so of various private readings I took a step towards honing in on my own gifts.
Ingrid helped me to see my own spiritual mediumship gifts and techniques to communicate the messages I was receiving.

Not only have I come to appreciate my connection with divine spirit but am eternally grateful for gaining the support of my fellow ministers.
~ Nicole H.