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Bhava Publishing flies way past your traditional publisher or your typical self publishing options. We are an avenue for taking your manuscript from concept to the book shelf, and way beyond! We are here to bring your book to fruition, and even more than that, we are here to put you and your message in front of the people who matter. We’re excited about connecting with writers and messengers focused on spiritual projects, though we are not limited by genre.

Our first publication was authored by Ingrid Turner, founder of Bhava Spiritual Mission. Her book, “Locked in Love,” is a devotional that includes more than 100 channeled messages and is available on Amazon, with more locations in the works.

What makes Bhava Publishing different?

We are your bridge between traditional publishing and self-publishing.
Bhava Publishing brings your story to life:

1. Edit, polish, even help you complete your manuscript.
2. Layout and format your files to publishing standards.
3. Create vibrant, professional cover designs.
4. Make your book available in the marketplace.
5. Repurpose and promote your content.
6. Put YOU in the spotlight.

Once your book is published, we help you attract readers and build your audience. As experienced authors, editors, and publishers we know the freedom, excitement, and sometimes chaos that accompanies the publishing process.

Bhava Publishing handles the details so that you can focus on creativity and sharing your unique story!

Ready to Get Published?

Bhava Publishing is particularly excited about working with new authors, and provides a full library of publishing and promotion services for the authors with whom we partner. We’re also great life coaches.

Rosalie Brown is a published author and mentor, and our Director of Publishing. She would love to connect with authors who are ready to make magic!

Email us and let us know what you’re working on.

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