4 Ways to Crush Writer's Block


conquering writers block

All writers face the dreaded “writer’s block” eventually.  That horrible feeling that the words won’t flow, no matter what you do.  Creativity, oh why hast thou abandoned me?!

Here are 4 quick things you can do to get back in your zone.

  1. Writing Prompts. You can find them online, easily, and even sign up to have them delivered to your inbox daily! An excellent tool for approaching the wordsmithing from a different direction.
  2. Meditation. Seriously! Just 5 to 10 minutes can help you clear your mind, wipe away your self-doubt (the enemy of every writer), and make some mental space for something new.
  3. Decide the next person you see has an interesting back story, and start writing it. Even if you start the monologue in your head, this will kick your imagination into high gear.
  4.  Grab a recording device, hit record, and just start talking. Ramble. Babble. Capture your words. There is nectar to be discovered in them.