Sacred Geometry: The Building Blocks of Creation

Sacred geometry is an expression of divine consciousness in physical form: it relates to your body and everything around you.

“When I started, my scientific mind would find concepts of spirit and higher self hard to grasp. It was like grabbing water from a running faucet. Learning about sacred geometry gave me real shape and form that I could hook in with my logic-centered mind and physically make connections with the divine.” – Ian Tran

During these 4 weeks with Bhava Minister Ian Tran, you will come to great understanding about the spiritual nature of our Universe through mystical mathematics in Sacred Geometry. 

Learn about:

  • The Flower of Life symbolism, unveiled from mystery school teachings
  • Platonic Solids, the basic building blocks of nature and their relation to the elements
  • How sacred geometry is fundamental to nature, math and music
  • Why understanding the Golden Ratio/Phi Ratio is crucial to our spiritual understanding of our Universe
  • The Merkaba and how it relates to you.

Additionally, Ian will teach you his spirit-led magic of energetic alchemy to create physical manifestations.

All classes will be taught online via Zoom video. Join form anywhere!

About Your Instructor, Ian Tran

Ian Tran is a College Professor and Engineer by trade and a Mystic by soul-calling. He is Minister with the Bhava Spiritual Mission and serves on the Mission’s Board of Directors. Ian has a gift for melding the heart and the mind, and helping his students create solid, linear containers to help them grok the totality of Creation. Sacred Geometry is a passion of his, and in addition to his online workshops and intensives, he teaches the secrets of the Universe through the modality of Sacred Geometry in his home state of Minnesota.

Intensive Details

Days and Time

4 Mondays in March, 2020 | 6pm PST
March 9th, 16th, 23rd, and 30th

Class 1

  • Intro to the Flower of Life, where everything originates from.
  • The Platonic Solids and their relation to the elements.
  • Practice drawing and visualizing these shapes and forms.

Class 2

  • How sacred geometry is fundamental to nature, math, science and music.
  • See examples in nature, ancient and modern buildings, and art.

Class 3

  • Expanding your awareness.
  • Learn about the Yugas/the Ages of Man and the Golden Age.
  • Learn about the Merkaba. What it is and how to use it.

Class 4

  • Learn occult symbolism and examples of it in plain sight.

  • Learn the process of energetic alchemy to create physical manifestation.

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