Connect with a Bhava Minister

When you schedule a spiritual session with one of our ministers, you’ll receive 45-60 minutes of judgement-free spirit channeling. Each of our Ministers are uniquely gifted divine channels, with the ultimate goal to help you connect with divine spirit directly.

Sessions are $95 USD.

Take a look at the faces below, and choose the Minister you’re drawn too.  Don’t overthink it: you can’t wrong when you go with your first intuitive nudge. We are all ready to serve up divine spirit, and when you trust your choice, you’ll get the very best of it.

A session with Ingrid is to-the-point and solution oriented. You’ll experience Ingrid as non-judgmental, committed, and direct.

Location: California, USA
Readings done: in person, phone, video

Lou Martin Medium

Lou brings gentle insistence on healing through self love. You’ll experience Lou as warm, safe, and secure.

Location: Cork, Ireland
Readings done: phone, video

Nicole, or Nicki, deeply understands the mental anguish we can put ourselves through. You’ll experience Nicki as light-hearted, compassionate, and expansive.

Location: Washington, USA
Readings done by: phone, video